Weaving a Future in Teotitlan, Oaxaca

(published in HandEye Magazine, Dec 2011)

Porfirio Gutierrez’s Zapotec Textiles

The Mexican village of Teotitlan, Oaxaca, gave Porfirio Gutierrez his start in life. Porfirio, in turn, is determined to give Teotitlan its future. As the center of Zapotec culture and weaving traditions, Teotitlan produces many of the handloomed wool goods commonly associated with Mexican exports: the seemingly endless array of serapes, rugs and blankets sold in tourist markets. While the tourist industry supports weavers in the village, including many of Porfirio’s immediate family members, it is also the source of environmental and economic conflicts that keep the community from advancing its health and wellbeing. [full article at HandEye...]